Story behind Chione

My parents taught me the “layer on layer” method to tackle the winter cold. And I praise them for this because I can't remember a day of freezing. But time goes by and I started asking myself; is there really no better and more stylish alternative to multiple layers or the ugly and lumpy down jacket? Sure, it definitely keeps me warm when waiting for the bus, but it also makes me sweat as soon as I step onto that bus.

I wanted a good looking mid-layer that is light enough to wear under my favourite coat and also having the feature of giving heat when I need it. And on the contrary - can be turned off when warm enough. I decided to find the technology that can deliver flexible heat and a fashion designer that could add the sleek design the well-dressed urban crowd asked for.

Fast forward and Chione is launched in 2019. A heated apparel developed to actually serve the need of smart people wanting smart clothing that is flexible in warmth. The hero product being the mid-layer vest, designed to fit both the well dressed urban dwellers and the outdoorsy community.