Instructions for Use

Note: Any wrinkles due to shipping can be easily removed with an iron (one dot) maximum sole-plate temperature of 110°C. Avoid steam-ironing.
Battery includes charging cable compatible with any power plug with USB port, for example mobile phone power plugs.
Before first use begin with charging the battery. The battery will be partly charged when unpacked but needs a full charge before using with Chione garment. The 4 blue dots in the front of battery indicates that the battery is 100 % charged.
 Connect the battery to the vest by plugging in the cable that comes out from the pocket placed on the lower backs inside lining.
 If carrying a mobile and want fast access to power supply, always keep your charging cable available through connecting the cable to the USB or USB-C port on the battery and pull the other end through the hole in the battery pocket all the way to the hole in the lining on your left-hand front pocket.
Keep track of the remaining power by pushing the button on the side of the battery. 1-4 blue dots on the front of battery indicates how much power is left.
Turn on/off Heat
You control the vests heat by a push of a button places on the inside of your front zipper. The heat has three levels: low, medium and high. To turn on the heat you push the button and hold for two seconds. The red light will start pulsating. This indicates that the vest is heating up. To adjust the heat levels, you push the button, and it will change between blue (low heat) white (medium heat) and red light (high heat). To turn off heat you just hold in the button for two seconds and the light will switch off which means that no heat is activated.
You can open the front zipper from both top and bottom. The high quality SBS zipper is made of polyester, PET teeth, zinc alloy slider and with a silicon print. During the first uses you might experience that the puller doesn’t slide with perfect ease. This is due to the printed logo and will disappear after some usage.