Chione Fabrics and Care

All Chione fabrics are certified to look good, feel good and do good through trust, traceability and transparency. Shell and lining is made in a sustainable lightweight nylon, produced out of recycled plastic bottles. The recycling system makes it possible to separate and eliminate additives and colorants not only from PET bottles but also from other nylon products, which purifies the material to an extent whereby the quality is equivalent to that of virgin nylon.  

The Dupont Sorona insulation delivers lightweight, breathable warmth for taking on any challenge, in any condition. Dries quickly and wicks off moisture for added comfort. Made out of plant-based materials for a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Chione Vests are 100% machine washable in 30°C. Remember to remove battery before washing. Note: Any wrinkels due to shipping can be easily removed with an iron (one dot) maximum sole-plate temperature of 110°C. Avoid steam-ironing.

Batteries are tricky. To be honest there are very few working, economically viable technologies for recycling the majority of materials in lithium-ion batteries today. On the other hand, if disposed properly we see both regulation and technologies speeding up the development, as well as manufacturing of batteries from recycled materials. So let’s make sure that we as a consumer and business do everything according to each countries guidelines for disposal, material recovery and reuse of batteries.

For all it's worth, we believe that our biggest contribution is to enable people to go out in the nature and realize what is worth saving.