Want to Buy Battery or Vest Separately?

Or maybe you just want to get more than one color to your vest but make use of one single battery.  

Price of Battery: SEK 395

Price of vest: SEK 1795

About Chione

Too many of us surrender to the unflattering and lumpy jackets during the cold season. Sure, it keeps us warm when waiting for the bus, but also makes us sweat as soon as we step onto that bus. It’s a mystery why people have put up with not being able to regulate temperature until now. 

Chione heated apparel is developed to actually serve the need of smart people wanting smart clothing that is flexible in warmth. The hero product being the mid-layer vest, designed to fit both the well dressed urban dwellers and the outdoorsy community.

Heat - when you need it

The patented Flexible Heat Membrane is seamlessly integrated in between the shell and lining. You control the heating system by just pushing a button, choosing from low, medium and high heat. You can turn it off whenever you feel comfortably warm. 

Charge Your Mobile On the Go

Chione Heated Vest weigh as little as 150 grams and the battery equals the weight of your cell phone. 

As an extra feature the vests battery pack is able to fully charge your mobile device up to three times on-the-go, via USB or USB-C. Play time as for powering the vest varies between 3 hours to 12 hours depending on which setting - low medium or high. 

You carry the battery in an inner pocket placed at your lower back.

Fabrics and Care

All Chione fabrics are certified to look good, feel good and do good through trust, traceability and transparency.

Shell and lining is made in a sustainable lightweight nylon, produced out of recycled plastic bottles. 

The Dupont Sorona insulation delivers lightweight, breathable warmth in any conditions. Dries quickly and wicks off moisture. Made out of plant-based materials.

Chione Vests are 100% machine washable in 30°C and tumble dry on low heat.